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Welcome to the world of the Hedgehogs the Whitehouse Farm Pre-School. The Hedgehogs have two rooms the Dining room, used for craft, gross motor activties and baking activties and The Playroom, this room is used similar to a reception class. The areas include literacy lodge where the children can practice to write, learn phonics and the alphabet.

The numeracy area to problem solve and develop numeracy skills, the role play area needed to act out real life situations ensuring children are school ready. The small world area to develop skills such as manners and sharing and also the book area to ensure children have a wide vocabularly and to encourage a love for books and reading.


The Hedgehogs are getting ready for school, with the emphasis being on learning through play, each Hedgehog has their own key person who provides a secure base from which the child can branch out and learn confidently. 


The key person plans an individual learning programme for each of their children, based on what they observe and on discussions with the child.


Activities are based on the learning areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and build and extend on the child’s achievements.


There is a mixture of child led and adult led learning and children are encouraged to choose resources and the role play area for the following week.


Hedgehogs play outside everyday and access our outdoor discovery room called the Foxes den.  Hedgehogs like to spend all day outside learning through using their imagination to problem solve both independently and with adults, to enable this to happen the door from the dining room is left open allowing the children the free flow and choice of where they want to play/learn. The enviornment inside and outside is stimulating and meets the children's individual needs- anything planned for inside can be carried out outside!


The Hedgehogs learning also includes walks around the village, visiting the local parks, trips out in the nursery minibus and celebrating many festivals.

The Hedgehogs partake in many different clubs whilst at Nursery, French club, Science club, Gardening club, Spanish club, Art classes, cooking lessons and Nature school which includes activities such as, Stick Whittling, Tool skills,Shelter building, Enviromental art, Bug hunts etc. These clubs run weekly through term time hosted by a range of different adults throughout the setting including the Owner Nicky and Deputy Manager Clare. The Hedgehogs also get their very own book bag where they keep their communication book, scrap books and sticker books, Hedgehogs are also provided with home learning material which they can share with parents/carers, all of which helps the children to  prepare for the transition of school.


We like to involve parents in nursery life and do this through various events such as play and stay coffee mornings, summer fun days, nativity play and leavers partys.

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